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Become a Pro Dropshipper That Sells Thousands Each month!

Get the skills you need to confidently (and consistently)
craft high-converting Dropshipping Stores that generate
thousands of Dollars each month!


  • Full & detailed training to become a Pro Dropshipper.
  • Learn how to: (1) Find winning products, (2) Create a professional store, (3) Advertise successfully and (4) Automate your business.
  • 8 Modules with more than 25 sessions, and over 25 hours of content.
  • Receive a Graduation Certificate once you complete the 100% of the course.
  • Get 24/7 access to your private Mentor.
  • Ask him questions and solve doubts.
  • Prevent mistakes and guarantee your road to success.
  • Schedule 1:1 Private Calls with him.
  • Maintain contact through unlimited Telegram messages.
  • Bonus 1:1 private call to assess your current knowledge.
  • Depending on your level, you’ll get an Action Plan that will guide you on the skills you need to develop to be successful.
  • Get access to support materials that will boost your learning process.
  • Private group exclusive only for members.
  • Access the private community of the Dropshipping Academy.
  • Motivate yourself with the results of other members.
  • Learn from others experiences.

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frequent questions

Yes, it’s a monthly subscription but you can cancel at any time with no commitment.
It’s super simple, just send Santiago a DM over telegram letting him know that you want to stop the subscription and the team will stop it immediately.
This depends on your level of knowledge and how committed you are with your own process. But on average we’ve seen that most of the successful students started to get results after their first month in the Academy.
The course will teach you everything: (1) How to find winning products, (2) How to design a professional store, (3) How to advertise your product with different strategies, (4) How to use different suppliers to ship your orders and more.
Scheduling the private calls is very simple, just click the pinned message on the private telegram group, it will take you to a platform where you will find the available slots.
Yes you can contact Santiago at any time, he will respond immediately. Just take into account that due to time zone differences he might be asleep when you text him.
Yes, the Academy has students from all around the world, this is because you can start Dropshipping from anywhere.
Yes you can start Dropshipping at any age.

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